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My expertise lies in the history of medicine, with a particular focus on the history of public health policy and vaccination in Canada, Britain, and the United States. See below for a list of lectures I offer, or contact me if you are interested in developing something more bespoke.

Vaccines: A History

This lecture provides a general overview of the history of vaccines. Beginning with the development of smallpox vaccination, it discusses the trial and use of anti-toxins, the development of vaccines against yellow fever, tuberculosis, polio, and the movement to combined vaccines like DTP and MMR.

Polio: Vaccination, Historical Controversies, and the Modern Context

Polio vaccination is a procedure cloaked by international politics, scientific development, and the establishment of medical ethics. This lecture covers the origins of distrust in polio vaccination and the connections to modern legacies.

Plague: A Case Study of Race, Racial Prejudice and Vaccination on the American West Coast

In 1900, a small number of plague infections were reported on the west coast of both the United States and Canada. The resulting events demonstrate how racist rhetoric surrounds disease-containment strategies in history and how Asian populations resisted these prejudices.

Anti-Vaccination: A History

An overview of the history of anti-vaccination from the nineteenth century to the present. This lecture provides context and understanding to the major arguments seen in anti-vaccination circles today by connecting them to their historical origin and development.

Smallpox: The 1885 Montreal Epidemic and Anti-vaccination Riot

A case study overview of how cultural and ethnic differences lead to protest and violence in times of epidemic. The outbreak of smallpox in Montreal in 1885 was a trigger for the eruption of tensions across the city and one of the most famous anti-vaccination riots in history.

All Lectures:


Length: 1 hour 

Online Cost: $400.00

In-Person Cost: $500.00 + Travel expenses

Lower rates negotiable for community groups, charities, and not-for-profit organizations

Bespoke Lectures


Need something more specialized? 

Send me a message. I am happy to discuss the development of bespoke lectures in my area of expertise.

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